Asked Questions

1. What is Lhoopa?

Lhoopa is an investment firm for real estate in the Philippines.

It acquires investments with great potential at discount cost, then adds economic value to properties through restoration and improvements. These result to high returns for investors and continuous growth for the business.

2. I have a listing and I want to sell it to Lhoopa, how does it work?

a. Fill up form with the complete information of the property you want to sell
b. Get initial estimate once form is completely filled up
c. Property inspection will be conducted to evaluate your property
d. Get paid as soon as your property is approved

3. In what locations does Lhoopa currently buy and sell houses?

a. Laguna
b. Metro Manila
c. Cavite
d. Batangas

4. How does Lhoopa differ from the traditional way of selling properties?

Lhoopa uses fair market value in evaluating a property. You get an initial estimate in just a few clicks, inspection on your preferred date, and cash payment when you sell your property to Lhoopa.

5. How do I get an initial offer from Lhoopa?

Lhoopa offers free, no obligation and close initial estimate to your property. By simply using the property calculator and filling up a few questions, you may right away get an initial estimate for your property.

6. How does buying a house from Lhoopa work?

There are a lot of property options on the website. Once you have found the property that you want to see or buy, please fill up the necessary contact details on the right side of the property or go to the Contact Us page, so an agent can get in touch with you.

7. Can I buy the house without repair?

Yes, some of the houses posted are still not repaired. Interested buyers may buy them as it is unless renovation has already started.

8. How should I request for house viewing from Lhoopa?

Once you have found the property that you want to see or buy, please fill up the necessary contact details on the right side of the property. Alternatively, you can go to the Contact Us page, fill up the form with your message for viewing request of a specific property or several properties in an area, or call Lhoopa at (02) 746 7154.

9. How can I be a broker of Lhoopa?

Work with Lhoopa and obtain financial stability, broader network and career growth. Connect to Lhoopa at (02) 746 7154 or, click on Broker, and send us a message.

10. How does investing in Lhoopa work?

Go to Invest, and send us a message so we can arrange a meeting with you. We will present the investment opportunities, legalities, and everything you need to know about investing in Lhoopa.