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Partnering with real-estate professionals can be tricky for both contractors and brokers. Since there are no shortages of market professionals, there is an intense competition within the industry. We understand that contractors and brokers alike are often able to be selective with who they work with.

We are constantly working with the community to identify market needs. As such, we have a network of highly skilled contractors to help us develop and renovate properties, as well as a network of high-performing brokers to help us quickly sell the properties at fair-market value.

We want to help the community achieve their dreams of owning a home, and we need local industry professionals to help make this happen. Our IT-driven approach paired with our community partnerships allows us to give our builders consistent work while offering our brokers the chance to market and sell a highly sought after piece of real estate.

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Lhoopa has realized consistent returns since its inception.
Growth like this is not possible without a strong network of contractors and brokers.

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