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Investing with Lhoopa allows you to get involved in the booming real-estate market from afar while we do the heavy lifting for you. Take advantage of the consistent returns offered by the real-estate market.

Across all investment mediums, real estate offers a unique potential to realize consistent cash returns and long-term market appreciation. BSP has shown the local market to have consistent growth and Lhoopa offers a way to tap into this market. Our disciplined due-diligence ensures that we only take advantage of opportunities that are low risk and high potential.

Our innovative custom-developed technology and unique business process gives us the edge in maximizing investment returns.


Diversifying your investment portfolio is more important now than ever and, historically, real estate is one of the most popular diversification choices for a reason. Investing with Lhoopa allows you to take advantage of our vast network of partners, from contractors to realtors, and to benefit from our unique IT-centered, market-driven approach. We take the guess work out of real-estate investing for individuals with varying net worth and for institutions and businesses of all sizes.

How We Do It


We analyze every subdivision of our targeted areas through multiple parameters (distance to mall, security, feedback of people living inside..) to determine the top subdivisions for us to invest on.


For each of these subdivisions, we analyze, statistically what is the typical house then we source the best listings that offer the best returns.


After marketing them online and offline through our network of brokers and various portals, we sell the units and start tracking documents, payments and construction in our dedicated ERP system.


Through the entire process our investors get a real time report of the value of their portfolio and the status of every single property we invested on his behalf.

Why should you partner with Lhoopa?

The Problem

Real Estate Investment is not accessible to most investors.

Too Expensive

Long Term

Too Difficult

Too Risky

We created an IT centric solution in order to identify, evaluate and monitor fast moving real estate assets. Our IT solutions provide investors with the most transparent, diversified and accessible real estate investment opportunities.

The Solution


We maximize our investor’s profit and diversify their portfolio by directly connecting them to our Operations Team on the field.


With our custom-made IT solutions, we control the overall step by step process of the business while offering our investors real-time access to their investment.


Our extensive network of brokers and contractors allows us to control all our costs while diversify our risk.

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