Why Invest with Lhoopa

  • Integrity and Credibility

    Lhoopa takes pride in its commitment to always engage with partners and stakeholders with utmost integrity. This is a value central to our company ethos. Though still a young company, we have quickly earned credibility in the industry through our ability not just to envision a new future in real estate, but to also adeptly implement such plans while providing robust returns to our investors.

  • Innovative, Growth Stage Company

    Lhoopa is in a very exciting stage of fast growth and scalability, fueled by innovative ideas and custom technology, disrupting old systems in the real estate industry through a model that is low risk and high potential

  • Team of Experts

    Lhoopa is comprised of a team of experts- from its founders and shareholders, to the employees and on-field partners, we have a vast pool of knowledge and expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Real Estate, Financial Investments, and Impact

  • Profit and Purpose

    Lhoopa is committed to providing robust financial returns to its investor partners while never losing focus on the essential goal off making every business transaction and decision a catalyst for the improvement of people’s lives.

How We Do It

Area Analysis

We analyze every subdivision of our targeted areas through multiple parameters (distance to mall, security, feedback of people living inside..) to determine the top subdivisions for us to invest on.


For each of these subdivisions, we analyze, statistically what is the typical house then we source the best listings that offer the best returns.


After marketing them online and offline through our network of brokers and various portals, we sell the units and start tracking documents, payments and construction in our dedicated ERP system.


Through the entire process our investors get a real time report of the value of their portfolio and the status of every single property we invested on his behalf.


They are driven and have built an impressive tech platform.

Lhoopa has introduced a new model for developing homes for the mass market in the Philippines that is both highly profitable and impactful for lower income workers. They are driven and have built an impressive tech platform that gives it a competitive edge.

Lhoopa Investor

Let’s work together.

Investing with Lhoopa allows you to get involved in the booming real-estate market from afar while we do the heavy lifting for you.