Ready and Willing

Our purchasing process is quick, efficient, and productive, with cash payments ready for release, so that your valued property can immediately serve the needs of others.

  • Ready-to-Buy

    Lhoopa has capital specifically allocated for property acquisitions, and so we are eager and ready to buy valuable properties immediately.

  • Quick and Smooth Purchase Process

    Our due diligence and purchase process is organized, smooth and efficient, as we aim to complete the purchase process promptly.

  • Above-board Practices

    Property owners can be assured that Lhoopa operates honestly and applies above-board practices in their dealings.

  • Head Office Support

    A dedicated team in our head office provides support to interested property owners, so you can be guided through our process as well.

How We Do It


Fill up the form with the complete information of the property you want to sell.

Get initial estimate

Get initial estimate once form is completely filled up.

Inspection & Evaluation

Property inspection will be conducted to evaluate your property.

Get Paid

Get paid as soon as your property is approved.


Traditional Home Sale

  • Usually stays for sale in the market for 3 months
  • Risk of defaulting buyers
  • Hidden charges and unknown costs
  • Time-consuming showings and open houses
  • Extra cost for repairs and restorations

Selling to Lhoopa

  • Usually stays for sale in the market for 3 months
  • Cash payment for sure-buy properties
  • Transparent pricing and fees
  • No need for inconvenient postings or showings
  • Buys houses as-is at a competitive price

Be Our Partner

Interested Property Owners can connect with us through providing us the following initial requirements

  • Signed LOI
  • Clean title
  • Copy of valid IDs