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How to Dress Up Your Private Space for Valentine’s Day

By Lhoopa Admin

Feb 11, 2015

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We are usually fond of decorating our house when there’s an occasion or a celebration. Most of the time, we tend to be meticulous in decorating our homes during Christmas and Halloween. However, some people would like to also like to be creative during Valentine’s day.

They would want to surprise their loved ones with decorating their space, apt for the love season. Mostly, it’s turning your place into a very romantic venue for you and your special someone. There are easy ways to do that.

Candles tend to add a romantic and sensual vibe to a place. Having scented heart-shaped candles or heart-shaped containers for the candles will look cute and lovely for your place; not to mention you can light it on the 14th and have that romantic vibe for the night. However, do not forget to blow the candle before you rest—you don’t want to start a fire!

Roses or flowers, in general, turn everything plain into a somewhat romantic setting. Placing flowers, specifically roses, on your tables at home, will look and feel a lot like love. It adds up to the vibe of the season. Just make sure you water keep them dehydrated in their vase. Withered flowers don’t exactly emit a romantic vibe.

Changing the curtains into something that will look lovely, but not overrated is another way to bring Valentine’s to your home. You don’t exactly have to hang red curtains since it’s too striking to the eye, but, you can use light shades like pink or even old rose.

When you change the curtains, it’s also necessary that you change the pillow cases and the bed sheet. Again, red is a striking color, especially for a bedroom or even in the living room. You don’t want to pain your eyes. Opt for lighter shades and match them with white to make it look simple and minimalistic.