How to Save Electricity This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and it is expected that the temperature will definitely go up. Gone are the wind and chilly mornings. Gone are the nights where you didn’t even turn on the electric fan nor your air-conditioning unit. Gone are the times when you needed to heat water for bathing.

Summer is almost here and we expect that our electric bills will go up again because of excessive use of electricity, mainly because of the electric fans and the air-conditioning units.

As much as possible, we’d like to avoid the increase in our electric bills. But then, we can’t control it somehow, especially that it’s becoming warmer and warmer each day. Here, we list down practical tips on how to save electricity during summer.

Keep the lights or shades closed. When open, sun can heat up a room instantly. Also, turn off the lights for it acts the same way the sun does; it can also heat up a room, eventually making you turn on your air-conditioning unit.

Since it is too hot outside, ditch the clothes dryer and opt for the clothes line instead. Clothes dryer uses up a lot of energy which could increase your electric bill. Not to mention that it also produces heat.

Learn to live without air conditioning. A ceiling fan will keep you somewhat comfortable, until the temperature really rises. To be more cost-saving, consider using a hand-held paper fan that uses no electricity—the air it produces is even directed at you.

You can also just leave the house and perhaps go to the mall, where it’s cold and it’s free! Well, you might have to shell out on food and other leisure, but at least your electric bill won’t sky rocket. A lot of people opt for this because there is also a lot of fun stuff to do at the mall, and you won’t get bored. You can watch a movie and do some window shopping. By the time you get home, it’s already night time and you didn’t even feel the warmth of the day.

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