Cost-Efficient Home Improvements to Increase the Value of your Home

Do you remember the moment your broker handed the keys to your very first home?

It’s such a gratifying and proud moment, isn’t it? You envisioned it to be a cozy, love-filled home that will have memories that will last forever.

In your mind, you started sketching how it would look like–from the color of the walls, the motif of every room, or even the 30-inch LED TV.

All these are great ideas, but have you, even for a moment, also thought about the long-term impact of these upgrades?

You’ve heard it one too many times: home improvements will add value to your house. But have you ever wondered which ones are worth it?

A wise and pragmatic homeowner should compare cost vs returns whereas his opposite would just do anything to make his home pretty.

So, here are some of the most cost-effective ways that will add value to your home.

Spruce up your Walls with Paint

One of the most affordable ways to enhance your home is to add fresh coat of paint.

Whether it’s a blank canvass or already painted, giving it a make-over will instantly add value to your house, and it is relatively cheaper than remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom.

However, with the hundreds of paint options available today, it can get overwhelming. To avoid this dilemma, you must have a color palette; and strictly stick to it.

From there, be very specific on what you need: do you like a virtuoso finish, sunlight protection, or just acrylic? Don’t worry because you can always consult with a home store.

Pro Tip:

Most home stores now have a dedicated kiosk for paints, so don’t be afraid to play with their swatches and ask questions.

You can also have them mix your color so if you decided to paint on your own, all you have to worry about is your paintbrushes.

Invest in Lights

Lighting is an item often ignore by homeowners, but with just a little tweak, it will have dramatic changes to your house and its value.

By adding or replacing old light fixtures with newer versions, it can instantly change the mood of a room.

There are different light fixtures that you can choose from, and each one works best in certain parts of the house.

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For the garden and the veranda, use pin lights, for the kitchen, use white light; and for a spacious living room, how about a grand chandelier?

Don’t forget the wattage, of course! If you’re not sure about this, you can consult an electrician or your contractor.

Pro Tip:

Filipinos love to take selfies anywhere, and the shower is no exception. So if you want to achieve a flawless selfie, use soft white or warm bulbs in your bathroom. Everybody looks good under this light.

Make your Greens Stand Out

By this, we mean garden space. In the Philippines, most real estate owners ignore this because they often complain that they do not have enough space. This should not be the case nowadays.

If you have extra space, we most definitely recommend adding a small garden. It doesn’t have to be grand, just enough to beautify your place.

However, if you are cramped, you could always bring it inside. There are various indoor plants that you can put as decorations or accent pieces in your home.

Doing so adds a sense of relaxation and calm to one’s mind.

Moreover, this is definitely value-adding because it’s not often that you see a green space in homes, especially in the city. Therefore, you should think about having plants in your house.

Pro Tip:

Some of the most popular indoor plants include aloe, spider plant, sansiviera, and jade plant. All are available in Quezon City Circle, Tagaytay or in Los Banos at affordable prices.

Have a Storage Space

Storage is a huge selling point no matter the size of your space. Make the most of every nook and cranny and build shelves or cupboards.

For storage, it’s important to consider aesthetic and practicality. The look of your storage should still comply with the overall facade of your home.

Doing so will also make your home from feeling cluttered and create more open spaces; thus adding more footage.

Pro Tip:

Storage shouldn’t take up a lot of space. You can put one above sinks, under stairs space, along cisterns, and even spaces in eaves.

To fully maximize your space, create a measured plan and layout of your house with your contractor. Who knows, it might reveal spaces that you didn’t know are usable.

Replace Old with the New

Even simple home improvement activities such as changing light fixtures, windows, or appliances can make your house more pleasing.

This means that you always want it to be on tip-top form. Along with this, a clean and well-maintained home also increases value.

Try replacing old equipment and appliances with newer ones and see how it will change the atmosphere of your home.

Pro Tip:

Brass is one of the most popular choices for faucets, switches, and handles. This is an inexpensive but durable option. However, choose stainless to last you longer.

Repair your Roof

Your roof is literally the shield of your home from bad elements especially in bad weathers.

So keeping it free from leaks or damages will not only protect your household, it will also help in selling your house for premium price.

If you have a roof leak or something wrong with it, you better fix it immediately as it can become a huge problem in the future that might lead you to spend a fortune in replacing it with a new one.

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Not only that, damaged roof can reduce the value of your home significantly if you are trying to sell it. And as much as you want to hide it, your prospect buyer will eventually see it and the negotiation may collapse.

Pro Tip:

If you don’t know how to deal with roof problems, you can hire someone to fix it. It is safer, more reliable and more importantly it will help you keep your home’s price value high.

Cheers to a Comfortable Home!

Aside from these tips, there are other home improvement activities that you can explore that will add value to your house. It doesn’t always have to be major; event simple ones can increase your house’s curb appeal.

Our advice to home and Filipino real estate owners? If you have the money, you can do it all at once, but make sure that you have a definite plan for every room and you should strictly adhere to it.

However, if you have limited resources, you can do one room at a time.

Good luck on your home improvement plans!

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