Prime Locations to Buy House and Lot in Cavite

Every year, at least 10 residential developments spring in Metro Manila; each one with its unique characteristics that make home buyers settle in that community for good.

In as much as Manila is a very modern and accessible location, it can take its toll to anyone. Because of its horrendous traffic, pollution, and noise, people are looking at alternative areas to build their home.

One of the most sensible option is Cavite. Aside from being close to business districts in the metropolis, it is nostalgically historic and still boasts lush greeneries that any family would enjoy.

The province is modest in land area compared to the other members of CALABARZON (550.99 square meter to be exact) but it remains a prime location because there are residential or mixed communities being developed constantly.

The challenge now is deciding where to look for the best house and lot in Cavite. Let us help you. Here are the best towns and cities in Cavite to grow your family roots.


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Known to Caviteños as the gateway to Manila, Bacoor connects the province to the big city through different routes. In the North, by CAVITEX and Quirino Avenue, in the South by Daang Hari and Cavite-Muntinlupa Expressway (MCX), in the East through the Marcos Alvarez Avenue.

In the future, the extension of LRT 1 to Niog will make commuting faster. It is very accessible too because buses, vans, and jeepneys are mostly available 24/7.

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Since its cityhood in 2011, Bacoor has become one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Once an agricultural land, it’s now a haven for different industries such as manufacturing, banking, and retail.

Job opportunities are springing left and right so if you get tired of commuting back and forth to Manila, there are many options that are waiting for you.

The city have a lot of recreation and entertainment choices, too. With more than 10 malls (SM Bacoor and SM Molino are popular choices), every family will surely enjoy a weekend stroll at these places.

But if you prefer greenery, try the Bacoor Eco Park. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic, experience nature, or play with friends. If this isn’t enough reason to relocate in Bacoor, maybe their seafood might.

Bacoornons are proud of their shellfish and tahong (mussels), these being one of their main produce.

Bacoor have the both of both worlds. Many people say that it’s a “bedroom city” but they have so much more to offer. It takes someone who have experienced the city to really appreciate the gem that is Bacoor.


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Unlike Bacoor with easy ways to get in and out of Metro Manila, Dasmariñas is landlocked; but buses and vans are available to and from the city almost 24/7.

Dasmariñas is one of the most progressive cities in Cavite with more than 309 operational industries including manufacturing, retail, outsourcing, and commercial estates.

These industries attract a diverse pool of manpower and continuously do so thus residential communities continue to spring.

The city will soon be home to the University of the Philippines technopreneurship campus in University Town in Vista Alabang. Aside from this, there are other well-known universities in the city including De La Salle University Dasma, Philippine Christian University, and the Technological University of the Philippines-Cavite.

Of course, there are prominent elementary and high schools in Dasmariñas, too. This include Brentwood Academy, Glenridge School and Westhill International School.

Dasmariñas is a highly urbanized and industrialized city and if you can’t get the rush of the city life off your personality, you might consider moving to this place.


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If there is one thing Imus is known and proud of, it is their history. It has witnessed 2 victories during the Spanish occupation and it is where the modern Philippine flag was first raised. This may be the reason why it is the official capital of the province.

Imus may be rich in history, but it is also fast becoming a serious business district. This makes sense because it is only 20 kilometers south of Metro Manila.

Banking is a foremost industry in the city which boasts of more than 40 financial institutions. Not discounting other business establishments involved in automotive, food, and garments, Imus is in line with Bacoor and Dasmarinas to become a business force to be reckon with.

Don’t think that Imus is only filled with factories. In fact, within its 25 square meter size, it is filled with more than 10 shopping malls.

Robinsons Place, S&R Membership Shopping and The District are popular choices among friends and families. If you’re not into malls, you can explore the historical sites in the city or visit the Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral.

If you’re looking for a suburban and historical community to which your family can explore every now and then, try the different residential communities in Imus which offers affordable house and lot.


Unbeknownst to many, Tagaytay technically belongs to Cavite and is probably the most coveted piece of real estate in the city. With its cool breeze and easy lifestyle, it’s no wonder that many Manileños want a piece of this bustling city.

To many, Tagaytay is just a tourist spot, but explore its nook and cranny and you will find pockets of residential communities with stunning views.

More than a tourist spot, Tagaytay offers the perfect house and lot location to settle a family. It has a strong city vibe with its different restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels yet it remains close to nature.

Aside from waking up every morning against the cool breeze and appreciating beauty all around, Tagaytay will give you more reasons not to leave the city.

For one, it is home to top performing schools such as the Olivarez College, Tagaytay City National Science High School, and Shim International School. The Alfonso public market is just a stone’s throw away from the city proper as well as the Mahogany Market.

Tagaytay is the ideal place to escape the city jungle that is Manila and is the perfect for people who prefer the relaxed lifestyle.

General Trias

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Named after the revolutionary general Mariano Trias, this once sleepy town is on a fast track in becoming one of the province’s busiest cities. Compared to the four cities mentioned above, Gentri (as most locals call it) is the farthest away from Manila at 35 kilometers. However, this did not discourage businesses from establishing roots in the city. In fact, since 2000, industrial estates gave it a major economic lift thus residential developments soon followed.

However, this is not the only development the city has experienced. Located in the southern tip is the Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club which attracts wealthy individuals because not only of its three golf courses, but as well as its high-end residential community.

The city does not have a lot of malls yet, with only Robinson’s Place acting as the first full scale shopping destination for the residents.

In essence, General Trias is not yet as developed as its neighboring towns. It still has its provincial charm, but it does not lack the basic facilities. So, if you are looking for a community with a more rural feel to invest in real estate in Cavite, General Trias might be for you.

Trece Martires

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One wouldn’t think of this unobtrusive town when it comes to settling down; but on the contrary, Trece Martires offers one of the best communities when it comes to buying a house and lot in Cavite.

For one, the city government provides various assistance to its constituents including health, education, and livelihood programs.

Aside from this, the city is also home to at least 2 (and counting) international schools, private and public elementary and high schools, hospitals, and several clinics for maternal health.

Amidst all the conveniences Trece Martires has to offer, these are not their crowning glory. The city and the its people pride themselves to be the cleanest in Cavite and the absence of any form of gambling. Yes, you read that right!

It is safe to say that even though Trece Martires is a little further (30 miles from Manila or 1-hour drive) than the more popular real estate choices such as Dasmarinas or Bacoor, it is a safe haven for a growing family because it provides a positive community.


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In the last five years, Tanza have continually risen in terms of popularity and economics. Thanks to its enviable location, the city is now more interesting because of the different developments that are pouring in.

For Manilenos, it has become a go-to beach destination while for its residents; the city now offers numerous commercial establishments and retail outlets such as Puregold and SM Rosario.

Tanza is also accessible. It has 2 primary entry points—through CAVITEX, which is a 20-30 minute drive, and via the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) then through the Alabang/Molino-Paliparan Road. Without traffic, you’ll reach it in an hour.

Of course, Tanza is not without a homeowner’s necessities: schools, hospitals, and entertainment complex. As of writing, the city has at least 50 public and private schools from elementary to college.

More than 25 hospitals and clinics are scattered amongst its 41 barangays, and lastly, beach resorts are a stone’s throw away from the city center. Tanza definitely has everything you need to live a holistic life!


This first class urban municipality is full of history. Aside from being the birthplace of the country’s first president, Emilio Aguinaldo, it is also where Christianity began in the province because of its naval and commercial ports used by the Spaniards. However, the municipality has come a long way since then.

Currently, Kawit is home to numerous industrial estates and different business establishments providing jobs to its constituents. Of course, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls are accessible, too.

But this is not Kawit’s proudest gems. As much as this town has everything you need, it is actually peppered with historical sites that you can explore every now and then. In fact, PCCARD conducted a preliminary study to develop it as an ecotourism destination in 2016.

In addition, Ayala Land Inc. have started their 200-hectare mixed-use development in Kawit to groom it to become the next central business district in the south.

With these developments in sight, there’s nothing more than you ask for in Kawit. It is the ideal fusion of history and development in a community.


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Unbeknownst to many, tourist superstar Tagaytay is actually part of Silang. However, the latter should not be compared with the former when it comes to real estate because Silang has its own characteristics which make it a very amiable location to settle.

This landlocked municipality is accessible in three major thoroughfares: SLEX-Carmona, Sta.Rosa-Nuvali and from Coastal in Pasay. It is best though to have a car because buses only take the Coastal route. Moreover, it will also lessen travel time (usually, it’s 2 hours) by half.

Silang is noted for its cool and refreshing climate and even though it has seen its fair share of urban developments recently, their economy remains heavily dependent on agriculture.

Blessed with pleasant climate, rich soil, and abundant water sources, Silang is considered as the Food Basket of the Province. This implies that produce in the area is relatively more affordable than neighboring towns.

As for residential developments, Silang is slowly becoming a top choice because of its relaxed lifestyle, less traffic, and gorgeous sites. So if Tagaytay is not within your budget, Silang should be your next priority.


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One wouldn’t really think of Naic when it comes to investing in real estate, but since the industrial boom that came to Cavite in 1990’s, growth was inevitable to this fishing town.

Together with the industrial estates that came to Naic, residential communities also sprung to accommodate the influx of workers. These days, these communities continue to flourish with the developments that surround the town.

Naic’s selling point, however, are the government services it offers to its constituents. They offer a wide array of assistance for its people including financial, medical, and education.

They also have environmental initiatives like “Clean and Green.” Moreover, real estate prices are still affordable compared to its neighboring towns.

So, if ever you’re considering moving to Cavite, explore Naic and who knows, this might be the town of your dreams.

So, where do you want to live?

Each town/city in Cavite have its own charm and personality. It is up to you which one will best fit the need of your future family. Most of these places have a lot of residential developments and if you haven’t yet pinpoint what you want in a community, you might have a hard time.

We hope that through this guide, we were able to help you narrow down your real estate options in Cavite and once you do, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Drop us a message anytime!

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