Top Home Designs This Summer

Summer sure is setting the bar high this year with making everyone feel the need to quench their thirst for a cozy and cool home. This summer’s home designs has been all about color, comfort and coziness, topped by bright, bold and beautiful combination of colors that meets the ends of naturalistic patterns and intriguing colors, superficially capturing the summer vibe.

Of course, a home design that matches the summer vibe is highly recommended for all households to fully comprehend the meaning and style of the times. Summer is all about sunshine, days at the beach, and night parties. The following tips are sure to bring you to the height of the summer wave:

1. Play with patterns and palettes – Summer is about novelty, following the old cliché of out with the old, in with the new. What better way to come up with a new design but to mix it up? Patterns are meant to stand out, and mixing it up, with the proper eye, can make your home as memorable as ever. Anchor on floral designs, matching the playful styles of flooring and simple looking furniture. Bold colors also offer an elegant vibe to relax and spend hot summer days in relaxation.

2. Pull the curtains up – Harness the natural light coming from outside and maximize its potentials to shed some sunshine inside your home. A brighter home is the result of shedding some sunlight in your home, possible by strategically placing mirrors and windows in the right places.

3. Don a vintage look – Kicking the old out doesn’t mean you have to skip the traditional. With that, sporting a vintage look for your home can prove to create a timeless vibe in the midst of the summer bonanza. Bringing in matching vintage furniture and designs that compliment designs of the “traditional” age speak volumes in your home.

4. Bring summer home – Summer is the perfect time to green up your house. With all the natural light peeking into your household, garnishing the house with flowers and plants create the most creative summer vibe. Whether it be freshly picked or from garden centers, greeneries can bring the life out of your home and imbibe a genuine summer aroma where the only thing you can say is: Beautiful!

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