Fueled by innovation and motivated by change.

Lhoopa is a technology-driven investment venture that is disrupting the real estate landscape in Southeast Asia, and beyond.

By coupling proprietary technology and the empowerment of local professionals, we have created a system that is making building affordable housing streamlined, decentralized and profitable.

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Our difference is a tech-enabled asset approach

We innovate new technologies that are solidly founded on mathematical algorithms, and expertly designed for the people using them.

  • Efficient technology-integrated system

  • Productive and real-time assessment

  • Networked monitoring, optimization, and management


Using mobile apps, we empower local, on-the-ground partners.

By digitally tracking every step of the transaction, we enable thousands of families to achieve their dreams.

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Real-time property listing updates

Fast & Efficient

Seamless and efficient transactions

Data Management

Data tracking and management system

Timely & Fair

Fast and competitive commission reward

2 000+

Acquired Properties

4 000+

Agents and Contractors


USD Money Deployed



Impacting lives through affordable housing and income opportunities

We are driven by our genuine desire to not only provide affordable homes to our buyers, but to also transform the lives of our partners.

Improved quality of life

83% of our home buyers have reported that their lives became better through our housing and services.

Sense of Safety and Security

98% of our buyers feel safe and secure in their house.

Improvement in income

90% of our partner contractors and agents have mentioned that their income improved because of Lhoopa.

Increase in confidence1

94% of our contractors and agents have reported that their self-esteem increased because of their work in Lhoopa.