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Lhoopa is an investment firm for real estate in the Philippines.
It acquires investments with great potential at discount cost, then adds economic value to properties through
restoration and improvements. These result to high returns for investors and continuous growth for the business.

Sell your property to Lhoopa

Competitive price offer

Transparent and fair
real estate buyer

Spend zero for renovation

Acquires properties in its
current condition

Offer in just a few clicks

Simple and easy
process of
getting instant
property offer

Payment in a matter of days

Closes transactions
fast and easy by
using a standardized
payment scheme

How is Lhoopa different?

Traditional Home Sale

Usually stays for sale in the market for 3 months

Risk of defaulting buyers

Hidden charges and unknown costs

Time-consuming showings and open houses

Extra cost for repairs and restorations

Selling to Lhoopa

Same-day property estimate and fast closing

Cash payment for sure-buy properties

Transparent pricing and fees

No need for inconvenient postings or showings

Buys houses as-is at a competitive price

How does it work?

Sell in 4 simple steps

  1. Fill up the form with the complete information of the property you want to sell.
  2. Get initial estimate once form is completely filled up.
  3. Property inspection will be conducted to evaluate your property.
  4. Get paid as soon as your property is approved.