Improving lives by giving more opportunities to sell and earn

Lhoopa aims for fast and efficient delivery of quality homes to all its buyers. Through this, we are able to provide regular and timely release of commissions, positively impacting our partner brokers' financial well-being. We also commit to ensuring that there is a regular flow of inventory to benefit their continuous growth.

Why Work with Lhoopa?

  • Affordable Homes

    Lhoopa sells affordable homes that are matched to the income capabilities of the buyer. As an agent, you can feel assured that your sales is helping another individual/ family attain ownership of a quality house that they can call their own.

  • Regular Timely Release Of Commissions

    Lhoopa releases commissions in an efficient, punctual manner, as we know that agents depend on this to support their families’ monthly expenses as well.

  • Continuous Inventory

    Lhoopa released inventory regularly, so opportunities for income and for providing affordable homes to others is continuous.

  • Head Office Support

    Lhoopa head office provides dedicated support to their partner agents, to ensure that concerns and queries are accommodated and responded to punctually.

How We Do It


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While being a broker/agent is a job that helps them in funding their daily lives, they are also able to help realize other people’s dream by wholeheartedly performing their work.



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Income increased because of Lhoopa



Increased in self confidence because of working with Lhoopa



Average yearly increase in income in past 3 years


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Be Our Partner

For initial requirements, our buyers must be able to present give proof the following:

  • Valid license as real estate broker
  • Registered business (with BIR official receipt)