We work with clients to realize their goal of having a home

True to our mission of making an impact in the lives of our partners, we are committed to make home acquisition easier for our clients. Apart from continuously delivering quality and affordable homes, we also advise suitable financing schemes, assist in document processing for home loans, and turnover properties in a brief period of time.

Why Buy from Lhoopa?

  • Affordable Homes

    Lhoopa’s inventory of properties fall within the socialized to economic price range. We find properties that match your income capabilities so that you can feel assured in your purchase.

  • Fast And Early Move In

    With our Early Move In program, buyers can move-in to the house within 3 months of reservation. We continue to help you with your loan process so that we can achieve the goal of full turnover to you within 6-8 months of purchase.

  • Minimal Down Payment

    Our goal is to help you save money while you are making one of the biggest investments of your life. Because we find a match-property, our goal is for your to pay as little downpayment as possible. Many times, our buyers even get a refund from us!

  • Guided Loan Application Process

    We guide and support our buyers throughout the loan application process, so that the documentation and submissions become an easy, efficient process.

How We Do It


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Determination and collective action are what helped them in reaching their goals. Having their homes is not just a structure to live in but also allowing them to have a step ahead in reshaping their lives



Did not have access to service similar to Lhoopa



Reported their quality of life has improved



Happy with their house



Feel safe and secure in their house


Be Our Partner

For initial requirements, our buyers must be able to present give proof the following:

  • Valid ID
  • Proof of employment or business (at least minimum wage earner)